Our Initiatives

Shenandoah University Dining has several program initiatives that support sustainability. 

Food Recovery Network

Did you know that in the United States approximately 40 percent of food goes to waste? That is nearly 63 million tons of food a year. Billions are spent growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food that was never eaten while 1/8 Americans struggle with hunger. Food waste has become the third largest emitter of greenhouse gas. The Food Recovery Network is a student driven organization that was created to combat these disparities.


Shenandoah Students like Andrew Derth collect surplus food from the dining halls that would otherwise go to waste and donates them to local charities. We have been able to build a strong relationship with our local Salvation Army through the donations we are able to provide. As a whole Sodexo is able to donate hundreds of thousands of pounds of surplus food to food banks across the country with this program. By recovering surplus food it will reduce costs, improve company culture, reduce hunger and food insecurity, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Andrew FRN


We recycle all paper and plastic.

Reusable Meals To Go

The Allen Dining Halls provide green reusable containers for a one time cost of $6.00. The Containers are able to be filled, packed out,and returned after use for cleaning and sanitation by our team. You are able to get a repackaged new container next time you arrive for that day's meal. These Containers help to reduce waste by providing a reliable alternative to traditional one time use to go containers.

Green To Go

Local Suppliers

Sodexo works with local vendors to ensure the products we receive are of the highest quality and freshness standards. Food tends to taste better when you know the good intentions and hard work of the people it comes from.

Keany Produce started it's company with a man, a truck, and a restaurant in 1978. It's a family business that has grown into the Mid-Atlantic's premier distributor. It's two facilities are located in Landover, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia. They operate by actively striving to reduce their footprint and operate in the most environmentally sustainable manner. They have high quality products that help reduce emissions, redistribute excess inventory, and reduces waste. They are also partners with reputable and sustainable growers to ensure quality begins at the start. They purchase fro 30 local growers within a 250 mile radius in order to support the local economy, reduce emissions caused by transportation. Keany believes that it is their duty to travel to the farms to pick up the products instead of relying on multiple trucks from each farm to bring the product to them. 

Keany Produce sustainability

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms is a local vendor is our source for multiple dairy products we use. They began in 1934 in the middle of the great depression. It started with 300 local farmers forming the Valley Cooperative Farmers Group and within 10 years grew to include 450 others.  Its location grew to cover 19 acres of land and was considered a leading industry in the region. They are committed to bringing you the finest, freshest dairy products and remaining true to their farmer values.

Lehigh Dairy Sustainability

Vegan Options

You are able to get Vegan Vegetarian options at every dining location on campus. If you are looking for the most variety Allen Dining Hall has a Vegan/ Vegetarian station that offers options that change daily. Look for the Vegan/ Vegetarian labels!