Today's hours:

    Buzzin's is located in Vaden Campus Commons. We created a Tex-Mex concept that would give the students an on-campus option for a dine in, full-service restaurant. We know that many students on campus have schedules that don't allow for the traditional mealtimes. The menu we created includes an all-day griddle option that allows students to have access to a full breakfast menu the entire day. Our friendly wait staff is trained to treat the students as if they had come to any other restaurant yet this one allows the students to pay for their food with their meal swipes. We encourage our chefs to come up with fun and creative daily specials that we feature on our social media and in the front of house. The dish featured above is a fan favorite from seafood night created by Chef Devon. It is Tuna, Shrimp, Scallops, Grilled Vegetables, with Rice Noodles, and Orange Glaze. 

    Buzzin's backroom is known as The Hive. We frequently host events in the backroom featuring live music, specialty menu items, and festive decorations. This location tends to give the student a high-class impression due to the plated dishes and sit-down dining. We also host holiday events, such as valentine’s day dinner, that require reservations and gives the students an extravagant experience.