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Bite App Activation

***This process will take 10-12 minutes. Thank You! ***


1.    The first step is to create an account with Transact. Click on thislinkto register an account.You'll need to know your ID number and it is best to use your SU issued email.

2.    Once an account is created and activated through your email than log into your transact account. When it asks for your “Customer Number” please enter your Student ID number.

3.    On your mobile device, go to the App Store and download “Bite by Sodexo-Universities"  App. Bite U app Logo

4.    You now must create an account for the Bite App by clicking “Sign in/Sign up” and then “Sign up”.

5.    Once logged into the Bite App then go to the “Pay” tab. It is located on the bottom right of the screen.

6.     Under the SU issued card you will see “activate”. Click that and log in with your Transact credentials. You may have to log in 3-5 times before your card will successfully link, so please be patient.

7.    Once you see Student card activation  Then you are connected and ready to make orders through the Bite App!

Download and install the Bite for Universities App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

download on the app storeget it on google play