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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a meal plan?

Yes! It’s a great value and it is Shenandoah University’s policy that all students living on campus purchase a meal plan each semester.

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex dollars are cash values included in select meal plans. They work like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your Hornet Card. Flex Dollars may be used at any on-campus dining location, as well as a variety of off-campus establishments that are listed on our website. 15-meal and 19-meal plans come with $50.00 preloaded. 50-Block meal plan comes with $75.

Do Flex Dollars carry over from year to year?

Flex dollars, which come preloaded with your meal plan, do not carry over semesters.

Can I use my meal card to pay for meals for family or friends?

There are two options: Residential students who purchase the 19-meal plan can use three guest passes. Commuter students who purchase the 50-Block plan are provided with five passes, or use flex or cash or credit.

What are Hornet Dollars?

Money that can be added to the student's account to be used on the Hornet Card.  This money remains in the account until no funds remain.  If there are remaining funds upon graduating, please contact Auxiliary Services at to request a refund.

How can I add Hornet Dollars to my Hornet Card?

Please visit Hornet Central located in Wilkins or add money by phone at (540) 665-4514.  You may also visit to deposit funds.

How much will I need to add to my Hornet Card to ensure I have enough money for food?

Each student is different. You need to consider appetite, food preferences, meal frequency, eating patterns, and amount of time spent on campus. All of these factors contribute to the need for additional funds.

How do I access/use my Resident Meal Plan account?

At any SU dining locations as well as select off campus establishments. See for participating locations.

If I’m not a Resident Hall Student, where do I buy my meal plan?

If you live off campus, you can purchase a traditional meal plan through Hornet Central in Wilkins.

How can I tell how much I still have in my account?

There are two ways to check: 

  1. Your remaining account balance is printed on every receipt. 
  2. You can ask the cashier for a ‘balance inquiry’ at any register, no purchase necessary.

Do you have employment opportunities for students?

Of course. We invite students to seek employment with us, as we are the largest employer of students on campus. Please contact our office for information at (540) 665-4924.

How can I use my meal plan in the retail operation?

Meal plan options are available at the retail operation just like in the dining hall.  In addition, the retail operations offers meal swipes plus $1.00-$3.00 as an up-charge if you choose to upgrade your order.
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